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Mixing is a very specialized skill and requires much more than technical know-how. It is an art form that requires years of experience and great ears.


Anyone can draw a picture, very very few can be classic masters. This analogy applies to mixing. Having great tools is only the beginning, knowing what to do with them and how to creatively apply them is the key to a great mix.

Our engineers have literally decades and decades of production and mixing experience and are coupled with world class, top of the line compression, EQ and special effects. The Wave Lab, NYC is more than capable of making your recordings sound absolutely amazing!!!




Have you already recorded a bunch of tracks somewhere and need to get them mixed or are you working on a re-mix?


The Wave Lab, NYC offers extremely reasonable rates for either analog or digital mixing methods that are flexible for independent artists' needs. We can work with almost any audio format, so bring us those tracks and we'll make them rock!

To see our baseline rates for mixing, click here.

The Wave Lab Recording Studio Williamsburg Brooklyn nyc new york city music sound recording mixing mastering Amek Neve Media 51 console Neve 8816 summing mixer apogee adx-16 dax-16 big ben Mackie HR824 Dynaudio BM6A
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