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From voiceover and audio book production to full film, television and music recording productions, we here at The Wave Lab, NYC have done it all. We strive to capture your best ideas and performances with our collection of over 50 microphones and some of the finest recording equipment available.


Is your band ready to start promoting and/or selling your music? Well then it's time to start recording. We can get it done.​​

​Are you a writer or a publisher wanting to record and produce an audio book? Not a problem.


Do you need voiceovers and/or other audio produced or recorded for a podcast, radio, film or television program or spot you're working on? We have everything you need to get the job done.

Do you need to transfer and archive old cassette or D.A.T. tapes? We have variety of tape machines and the finest in digital audio converters and restoration processors, so we are fully capable of preserving your old work or memories.

Do you want to record a live gig? We have an independent 24-track live rig ready to go, please contact us for details.

Or maybe you have a different need? Contact us and we'll discuss your situation, chances are we can get the job done.



The Wave Lab, NYC has some of the best recording rates in town. No, seriously, we really do...

To see our baseline recording rates, click here.

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