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Simply Grand: The New Main Art Corridor in Williamsburg Brooklyn
By Arnold Walfred III
Published: March 2002, Vol. 7 No. 3
NY Arts Magazine

Over the past year or so Grand Street on the South side of Williamsburg has become a street rich with probably the most professional Gallery Spaces in Williamsburg. Additionally, it has a number of trendy, splashy looking eating establishments and bars. It has a number of fashion and decorative arts showrooms, sound studios and a really hot night club, the Luxx. And at the end of the block it has most of the antique shops in Williamsburg. The Northside near the L train stop on Bedford Avenue has already been established as the lively attractive area with long lasting galleries and performing arts spaces, bookstores, boutiques, restaurants and shops. However, the Southside is now becoming the tré chic area where a classier sort is establishing itself, with most of the historic architecture from the time of sugar and oil barons of the 19th century. Now luxury condominiums are being built. The Smith Gray Building on Broadway and Bedford Avenue has a penthouse available for over $1,000,000.


Grand Street on the Southside is becoming the main art corridor of Williamsburg. Here we will take a tour of the galleries starting from Wythe Avenue on the East River down to the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. This is just a few of the things you can find.


(*edited original content)


Another interesting venue is The Wave Lab, NYC, a state-of-the-art digital recording studio. The studio was founded in 1997 by A.J. Tissian and Sam Zimmerman in the East Village and moved to 334 Grand St. in Williamsburg during the summer of 2000. The studio focuses on music recording, specializing in pop, rock, and electronica. Producers for music, radio, television and film have utilized the studio for everything from pre-production to final masters.


Some of the artists whose work has been recorded, edited, mixed and/or mastered at The Wave Lab include (among others) Action Daddy, Alien Hygiene, Collective Soul, the Corrs, Course of Nature, Craig David, The Dead Betties, D.J. Calvin Tang, The Drive, Duncan Sheik, The Flow, Kid Rock, Kung Pao, Li’l Kim, Lori the HiFi Princess, Matchbox 20, Mean Ether, Mike Wexler, Matthew Good Band, Monsters of Japan, No Need For Privacy, O.P.M., Phillip Glass, Philly's Most Wanted, Poe, Rod Stewart, Sinister Minister, St. Eve, Steven Noll, Stone Temple Pilots, The Storm, The Strugglers, Sugar Ray, Sway, The Swedes, Trick Daddy, Uncle Kracker, Unto Ashes, V.J. Honeygun, and Wendell

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