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A.J.'s professional career in the music business as a musician, producer and engineer has, so far, extended across five decades.

Between the years 1982 and 2010 he played bass, drums/percussion, guitar and/or synths/samplers with several Philadelphia and New York based bands.

In 1993 he moved from Philadelphia to NYC and built a recording studio on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, originally used for personal productions but in 1997 he opened it for community use and launched his own sound production company and recording studio, The Wave Lab, NYC.

Between 2000 and 2007 he worked for Atlantic Records as the chief engineer of their New Media studio. There he ran sessions for Atlantic’s a-list artists, engineering and mixing live performances and interviews for radio, television and Internet broadcasts.

In 2000 he expanded and moved the studio to Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

In 2002 AJ became a course instructor at the SAE Institute of Technology. Over the years at SAE he taught almost every course the school offers in their curriculum: Intro To Audio, Basic Signal Flow, Basic Electronics, Microphones, Stereo Microphone Techniques, Effects & Signal Processing, Intro to DAW, Into to MIDI, Basic Music Theory, Music Production, Session Procedures, Advanced Sequencing, Session Procedures, the SSL 4000 G+ console, the Audient ASP8024 console, the Yamaha 02R console, the Mackie Analog 8-Bus and DXB consoles, Broadcast Engineering, Loudspeakers & Amplifiers and Live Sound.

2019 was a banner year for A.J as several projects he was involved in won several national and international awards (listed below).

He continues to operate The Wave Lab,NYC and teach private audio & music production lessons and workshops through Learn @ The Lab. A.J. is always doing production work, recording, mixing and mastering for many different companies and bands.





30th Season Awards 2019 - Album of the Year - Apartment Khunpa - link

VGA Awards 2019 - 4x Winner: Best Role-Playing Game, Best Independent Game, Best Narrative & Fresh Indie Game  - Disco Elysium - link

IGN Awards 2019 - Best PC Game - Disco Elysium - link

PC Gamer - #1 Game of the Year 2019 - Disco Elysium - link

Time Magazine - Top 10 Video Games of the Decade (2010-2020) - Disco Elysium - link

#1 iTune's Holiday Charts: Nov 8th - 22nd 2019 - Randy Rainbow, "Hey Gurl, It's Christmas"


#1 Billboard Comedy Album Charts: Nov 23rd - Dec 7th 2019 - Randy Rainbow, "Hey Gurl, It's Christmas"

BAFTA Game Awards 2020 - 3x Winner: Best Debut Game, Best Narrative, Best Music - Disco Elysium - link

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