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Interview with A.J. Tissian
Published: April 3, 2009

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VocalBooth Polishes Diamond Series Enclosures

APR 3, 2009​


VocalBooth has unveiled its Diamond Series of sound enclosures.


It has been designed to utilize the corner of a room in a studio as a space-saving measure for tight quarters. The booths feature nonparallel walls to help reduce standing waves. They are available in four sizes.

AJ Tissian, a producer/engineer working in New York City, credits the shape of his Diamond Series VocalBooth with his ability to work in a small space. "My studio is about 500 square feet," says Tissian, who works regularly for Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group and Stern's Music Group. "I have used it in a variety of applications, and it has exceeded my expectations at every turn." He adds that his ability to record drums in the New York City apartment building that houses his studio solidified his belief in the product. "None of the neighbors heard a thing! It really proved itself to me with that recording."


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